utorok 17. februára 2009

Hello, my name is Karolina and this is my first post for this blog :-) Its interesting to write something like introduction, actually i really don´t know what to write.

So meybe something about me? :-) I was born in Nitra - Slovakia (20 years and 364 days before), very nice town. I love it very much because my family and friends live there, i spent there great time, my childhood and my teenage years.

But now i live in one of the most beautiful cities i have ever been - Prague. I moved here after finishing high school and I started to study in Charles University, Faculty of Humanities. I like Prague very much, here is so great architecture and nice places.
I think i should say something about me, my hobbies. I like listening music, watching movies, fashion is my passion :-) and traveling, if I have a time and money, i would travel all year :-), i like reading books and I can´t forget about art.....
so this is me...:-)....but not everithing....you´ll see...

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