utorok 31. marca 2009

Tvoriva Dramatika

Tento vikend som stravila so super ludmi zo skoly. Mali sme blokovy kurz Tvoriva dramatika a bolo to faaakt vyborne, rozne improvizacie a kratke scenky, pohybove a komunikacne hry. A este to bolo aj na DAMU :-) dakujem vsetky zucastnenim aj Radkovi ....

štvrtok 12. marca 2009

New sets from Polyvore

Untitled - by kajagundova on Polyvore.com
Untitled - by kajagundova on Polyvore.com

Boyfriend Jeans - The New Jeans Trend For 2009

How To Wear The Boyfriend Jeans Trend
There are a few simple rules to follow, and some even simpler choices to make:
Choice: The jeans don't have be your boyfriends. Not because you mightn't have one, but because you're soon going to be able to find jeans made for women that channel the look. But if you're after real authenticity hit your local denim store and shop in the men's section. Holmes herself is wearing jeans by PRPS.
Choice: If you are going to buy a pair, don't feel the need to buy new. A vintage pair from your local charity shop will have more authenticity.
Rule: Look for a straight leg. Bootcut or flared jeans aren't in the least bit flattering for this trend.
Rule: Turn them up at the bottom. Remember, this is a Spring-Summer 2009 look so you're not going to get cold from a bit of exposed ankle. And you're not going to communicate the 'oversized' message unless your jeans are turned up.
Rule: When you do turn up the bottom of the jeans, they have to sit just above the ankle.
Choice: Yes, all the celebrities in the above photos have gone for jeans which include the 2009's ripped jeans trend. You don't have to.
Choice: Consider what you're going to pair them with. One thing Kate Holmes did get right most of the time was to pair her boyfriend jeans with an overall feminine look. That's the one I'm preferential to; there is nothing, however, stopping you from pairing it with a tight fitting tee or hoody and really playing up the masculine role.
Rule: If you do choose to pair your boyfriend jeans with other masculine pieces make them tight. You have to show off your feminine features otherwise you'll come off looking like a bum or, worse, a stoner.

streda 11. marca 2009


INTERNATIONAL TV CAMPAGN WITH PINK VOICE (THE CROCODILE)AND RICKY GERVAIS ( RABBIT)FOR PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Published on monday in Paris fashion week. Pink was there with Stella McCartney, designer known for not using products from animals.